Google Summer Of Code (GSoC) 2018

Google Summer Of Code
Organization Mentor   (Feb. 2018 -- Present)

Selected as a Mentor at CloudCV to help university students resolve their issues while completing their Google Summer Of Code project and also help them achieve better understanding in software development throughout the internship period.


Team Member   (Nov. 2016 -- Present)

Actively maintain CloudCV Project which aims to make AI research more reproducible.
Responsible for the design, development and maintenance of EvalAI that enable researchers to build, compare and share state-of-the-art algorithms.

Google Code In (GCI) 2017

Google Code In
Organization Mentor   (Nov. 2017 -- Jan. 2018)

Selected as a Mentor at CloudCV to help high school students resolve their issues while contributing in open source project and also help them achieve better understanding in software development.

Google Summer Of Code (GSoC) 2017

Google Summer Of Code
Student Developer   (May. 2017 -- Aug. 2017)

In 2017, I was selected as GSoC student where I developed new features for hosting AI challenges in streamlined manner, implemented several analytics features for both participants and hosts in EvalAI.

Python Software Society of India (PSSI)

Python India
Open Source Contributor   (July 2016 -- Oct. 2016)

Developed the feature of user’s profile for Junction project.(It is a software to manage proposals, reviews, schedule, feedback during conference).

iAugmentor Labs

Software Developer Internship   (Jun. 2016 -- Aug. 2016)

Responsible for creating a platform for smile detection in which a classifier was trained for classifying smiling and unsmiling images using OpenCV, dlib python packages.

Nibble Computer Society (NCS)

Nibble Computer Society
Organizing Member   (Feb. 2015 -- May 2017)

Responsible for the development of REST APIs and managing the infrastructure of InfoConnect. I was also responsible for Organizing college’s Tech-fest Zealicon along with its website and other management tasks.

Mathematical Sciences Foundation (MSF)

Mathematical Sciences Foundation
Backend Developer   (June. 2011 -- July 2011)

Responsible for generating music from fractals.